AMSOIL Commercial Accounts

Protecting Your Fleet and Saving Money

AMSOIL cost reduction

Does your company have a fleet of vehicles or equipment that needs regular maintenance? Would you like to dramatically cut the costs of maintenance and save your company money without having to sacrifice the dependability of your fleet of vehicles or equipment? If so, I have a proven solution for your business.

AMSOIL also offers accounts for businesses who have fleets of vehicles, such as heavy duty trucks and equipment, light duty trucks and equipment, cars, tractors, and farm equipment. The amount of money you can save by switching to AMSOIL and using extended drain intervals can be astounding. You can literally cut your cost of oil in half, and that doesn't include the lower maintenance fees, lower cost of oil disposal, and even an increase in fuel mileage. In this economy, cutting costs is a necessity, so why not take the AMSOIL challenge and try it for yourself? AMSOIL has been around for over 35 years, so I am confident that you will be very pleased with the results. You have nothing to lose by taking the AMSOIL challenge, and thousands or even hundred of thousands of dollars to gain.

The great thing about switching to AMSOIL is that you can make great cuts in the maintenance of your fleet without having to sacrifice anything. Think about that for a minute, you can save your company thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a year without having to give up anything! It's true, so let's take a quick look at the breakdown.

This example is based on your company using basic cheap oil and filters:

*All prices are estimates

Oil Change Interval at 3,000 miles:

6 quarts of cheap oil at $3.00 a quart is $18.00

1 filter $7.00

Total: $25.00

Number of oil changes per year: 8

Total Annual Cost: $200 (Not including the labor fees)

Annual Cost of Amsoil

6 quarts of fully Synthetic Amsoil: $40.00

1 filter: 10.00

Number of oil changes per year: 1

Total Annual Cost: $50.00 (Not including the labor fees)

This is a savings of $150.00 a year per vehicle! Add in labor fees the savings could be doubled! If you have a fleet of 100 vehicles, that is an annual savings of $15,000! Again, I am sure it would be a lot more if you add in the cost of labor for each of those oil changes above! And it get's better, with a commercial account, you may even save more on the cost of oil and filters! Amsoil also has a new line up of grease that leaves the competition in the dust. You can read more about Amsoil grease here.

I can help you figure out whether you quality for a commercial account, and I can even fill out all the paperwork for you. If this interests you, please use the contact us link in the left navigational pane to contact me and I will return you email immediately. Or you can request information directly form Amsoil regarding commercial accounts.