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    • 2005 Dodge Durango Used Oil Analysis 212,667 Miles
      By Shane Perera · Posted
      Interesting results. Thanks so much Bob for sharing. I really like the way the graphs are showing up there. One can have a brilliant idea after having a look at this analysis.
    • How Much Are You Paying For Fuel?
      By Shane Perera · Posted
      ​Wooooooo, so I should perhaps call myself lucky because at that time, I was not living in USA.   At the same time, we should remember that $100 back in 2009 had much more value that it has now in the year 2015. So, it must be probably just like filling your tank in $300 nowadays.
    • 2005 Dodge Durango Used Oil Analysis 212,667 Miles
      By Bob · Posted
      The latest used oil analysis is ready, and the results are excellent. Total mileage on the oil is 5,799 miles. What I am happy to see though is that the ConocoPhillips and Ford Study, which showed that changing your oil more often actually increased engine wear seems to be true, and repeatable. One would expect the wear not to only double, but maybe increase exponentially as the oil "breaks down" and provides less protection. What we are seeing is the opposite, the more mileage on the oil, the wear is slowing down, and in some instances decreasing! In other words, I have been telling people that the more often they change their oil, the more wear they are causing their engines. This seems to prove it's true.
    • How Much Are You Paying For Fuel?
      By Bob · Posted
      Yep, right around late 2009 early 2010.
    • Synthetic Motor Oil vs. Conventional Motor Oil
      By Robert321 · Posted
      ​Glad to read that we were able to change your thinking, lol.....I was also not a user of AMSOIL earlier on but then I became one. So yes, forums like these do help your cause.
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